Saturday, February 12, 2011

< photo a day project-day 12 >

I usually remember to take a picture at lunch.  But I don't want to take the same picture every day.  So today, I tried a completely different angle.  My girls were a little weirded out that I was standing on the chairs or the table to get a picture of them, but I'm really loving these.  It's such a different perspective!  Why haven't I tried this before?

I'm really enjoying this photo a day project.  I was just talking to another photography friend last night about how it's forcing me to try different things.  It's opened my eyes to realize that I do a lot of the same shots.  Because they work, yes.  But I'm loving that this is pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me to see things differently.  Not only different angles and points of view, but seeing more abstract, obscure photos come to life.  If you enjoy photography, or just love to see the day-to-day changes your beautiful children go through, I REALLY recommend doing this.  I think it's going to work it's way into my routine every few months.

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