Wednesday, May 30, 2012

< angel baby >

This little baby girl is the new little sister to this sweet family of kids I got to photograph over a year ago (twice!).

This little girl was such an angel during our session. She is 7 weeks old and still slept the entire time, even with wardrobe changes and lots of moving around. And with her perfect little feminine features, I had so much fun! It was sad when it was time for me to go home (and feed my own little one;)).

Congratulations on your beautiful new addition! She fits right into your well-behaved group of children;)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

< last few >

Just a few more from this sweet family.

< 3.5 days >

My dear friend had her baby a couple of weeks ago (almost 2 whole weeks before her scheduled c-section!), and I got to visit them at the hospital and then the day after they got home, when he was only 3.5 days old. It made me realize how fast these darn babies grow (since mine already seemed so huge at 5 weeks), and how important it is to cherish them at every age. Even when you're sleep deprived and exhausted and so tempted to miserably anticipate the next stage when they're just a teeny bit less dependent. What a beautiful a new baby is to a family--and to anyone else who gets to be around them. And this little guy is no different. I felt like a better person for being around him. Congratulations, guys!

< 1 month >

I took this picture (with the help of my friend Ashley) a couple of weeks ago when my baby turned 1 month. And I absolutely adore it. Can't wait to put it up on my wall.