Friday, December 16, 2011

< i love this >

My favorite thing is being with a family with a new baby. Especially a first child, though every new baby is fascinating and life-changing and perfect and new. There's just something so fresh about this new relationship that's so beautiful and unique and that I absolutely love to capture. It never stops amazing me to witness this miracle that happens when people become parents. No matter how that baby enters their lives, something so potentially scary and overwhelming just happens organically and these natural instincts kick in. No matter how awkward and they feel in the new role, they just know what to do--they just know how to love.

And this family is no exception. This dad and I actually sang in the same choir before we completed our undergraduate degrees back at BYU, and though we have a lot of mutual friends, and knew of each other, we never overlapped years. So I was SO excited to find out they moved here, and even more so to get to know his AWESOME wife. I love this family, and this little baby is so stunning and distinct. Are they not all such beautiful people? Such picturesque features. And their personalities are even more beautiful--if that's possible:)

Thank you so much for sharing a little piece this special time with me. And congratulations!