Tuesday, November 30, 2010

< love them >

Some more of friends from my old home.  Gosh it was good to see them all.

I've talked about these guys before (many times) because I've had the privilege of documenting their family since before their sweet little girl was born.  I miss living closer to them and watching her grow.  She is SO beautiful, isn't she?
I sure miss you guys.

Monday, November 29, 2010

< elkhart friends >

We visited some dear friends back in our old stomping grounds, and took some family photos.  I love my friends there.  We were so blessed to be associated with them.

Here's one of my best friends and her beautiful family.  I've shared pictures of them on here before.  It's crazy how fast these kids grow up!  But then I remember I have kids pretty much the same age as her younger two, so it really shouldn't surprise me that much.

Next time I visit (hopefully really soon), I'm taking more individual pictures of your kids!  But I'm glad we had a few minutes to get a family photo for your beautiful new home.  Love you guys!

Monday, November 22, 2010

< big sister >

This cute little family is about to welcome a baby boy in the next few weeks.  This little girl is so smiley and happy and playful, and we had so much fun.  And isn't mom so beautiful?  Sheesh, I wish I could look that cute when I'm pregnant;)

Congratulations, guys!  I can't wait to meet your little boy.  Hopefully sooner rather than later, right?