Hi, I'm Lillian, and thanks for visiting my my photography blog. 

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan and am now currently living in Champaign, Illinois with my amazing husband and three beautiful kids.

My love for photography started in middle school when my dad let me play with his old film SLR, and my mom would go get rolls and rolls of film developed for me. As my style started to evolve, I would often comment that because I couldn't create with my hands, my artistic expression was to see "God's art" and capture it. I guess that's where my philosophy and style developed. I love to learn as much as I can and experiment with different types of photography, but I think photographing people will always be my favorite.

My philosophy with photography is to document relationships and lifestyle. I want people to feel comfortable and laugh, and I want kids to just play. I love seeing siblings tease each other, parents snuggle their newborn, grandkids climb up on their grandparents, and then showing them how they look through my eyes. I want it to be a pleasant experience for everyone and I want to show off the people I'm photographing.

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to make a friend, please email me! I love to get mail!


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