Thursday, November 17, 2011

< 1 year >

This little boy turned a year back in July and, sadly, I've put these off until now. What a terrible friend I am. But can you believe these beautiful eyelashes? I like to call him snuffleupagus. It's unfair for all little girls in the world that a boy gets this set of lashes, don't you think? He's such a sweet little boy, and I had a blast watching him play. You know, you guys really don't have to move away if you don't want to ...

I'm going to miss that beautiful little face.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

< 4 days old >

Sweet baby boy just came home the other day, and we were able to schedule in a newborn session before he lost that incredibly unique newborn-ness that I so adore. He was basically the easiest baby I've ever had during a session. Just slept and snuggled and didn't even have an accident! That's pretty impressive for a 4 day old baby:) And I was excited to get to squeeze in a couple pictures of his proud big brother (who happens to be one of my daughter's best friends), grandma, and mom.

Thanks again, guys! Your family is absolutely beautiful.

my favorite of the day

< in the hospital >

A dear friend of mine welcomed a her second son into their family just this past week, and I got to visit them in the hospital. He is sweet and  laid back, and looks JUST like his big brother, I think. Congratulations, guys! He's absolutely beautiful. And I look forward to getting to know him:)