Saturday, November 14, 2009

< boys >

I realized after today's family session that I have never taken pictures for a family with only boys before (other than the beautiful mom, of course). It was such a fun experience! These boys are so sweet and the parents are both such calm, mellow people that it was so much fun for me. I've always been told that being half Asian makes me shoot well in b&w, and after taking pictures of these cute kids I realized maybe what they meant about me. I'm totally not as cute, of course. I found myself really debating whether to post these pictures in color or b&w because they looked SO good both ways. I think the contrast of their dark features and gorgeous skin is just magical in b&w. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for having me take your pictures!


Kerstin said...

I love these! They turned out great!

Becca said...

oh what I would give to be half asian!!