Saturday, October 29, 2011

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First of all, for news from my end, we're having a 3rd baby! And it's a boy this time! We are all really excited, including our girls.

This news hopefully explains my long absence from my blogs. So my apologies there. But, I hope this session of photos makes up for it! I absolutely LOVED working with this family. They all have so much fun together and are all so natural with each other. With all of their completely different personalities and ages, I wondered if these 4 girls would present a small but fun challenge for me, but I was totally wrong! They just played and laughed and made each other laugh. And when I got the parents alone for a second, I realized why these girls are so happy. These parents love each other so much, and that's why these girls are so happy to be together. They really are all best friends. When there's a healthy marriage, there's love and appreciation for their children. And then in turn, we hopefully teach our children to love each other and themselves.

Anyway, enough of my family psychology theories, here are the long awaited photos.

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