Sunday, July 11, 2010

< busy busy >

Friends!  I am back from a 2 week long vacation visiting family.  And like last year (but even more so) I was busier on vacation than I am at home.  I had so much fun photographing friends, family, and even meeting a new family to photograph.  All of that is coming up, but let's start at the very beginning of my trip.

My cute sister-in-law is getting married!  Even since I met her, she's been one of my absolute favorite people, and I'm so excited she's marrying such a great guy!  Isn't always so enjoyable when someone you like marries someone you like?  I've never seen anyone make her smile or laugh quite as much as he does, and it was fun trying to catch those big laughing moments.  Though her serious face is so glamorous, it made me a little jealous.  I don't do the serious face very well.

She is all class and so shooting them was pretty easy.  She had all of these great ideas, and I felt like I got to expand myself a lot.  Congratulations, guys!  I love you!

Is she not just absolutely stunning?

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Kerstin said...

What a cool idea to shoot some of the pictures at a stadium. And you sister-in-law is really pretty, I can definitly tell that she is related to Blake.