Sunday, December 6, 2009

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This family definitely knows how to have a good time together. They are really good friends of mine, and that's actually something I've always admired about these parents. They really play with their kids and have so much fun themselves. This mom is totally super mom that does everything and is always busy, living her life for her family, and just loves life. And both parents are totally smitten by their kids. And just looking at these pictures you can tell that is completely reciprocated.

For our photo session, we got to go to this gorgeous house that the kids' grandpa just built. We had so much fun running from room to room, discovering all of the cool and unique things in each room. I totally fell in love with this place. Thanks for letting me be a part of your fun-filled day!
And can you believe this boy's gorgeous curls? I always tell him mom that she can't ever cut them!


Indiana Haffners said...

LOVE them!!! Lots of fun ones to choose from. I'm posting a link to your blog so people can see these. Thanks again!

Ben and Celeste said...

gorgeous pictures! those curls on that boy are A-dorable.