Sunday, August 23, 2009

< my beautiful family >

Last week I got to visit with most of my family in Utah, and we got a few pictures together. I'm still trying to figure out formal photos, especially with little kids, but it was a lot of fun and I think they turned out well. I have such a beautiful family! I love you guys!
After and in between all of the formal shots, I got to chase the kids around and take some fun pictures of them playing together. I loved it! There were 7 little kids and it was such a challenge, but a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed. This is really why I love photography. Kids. They're so fresh and natural and full of non-stop energy.


Christy Gunnell said...

Wait a second, you were in Utah?!

Anonymous said...

These are ridiculously beautiful! You have the most gorgeous family in the whole world! Dang, those kids are cute!!